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Event Highlights August

Fehmarn Singing Contest - 8 - 10 August

The auditions have also taken Fehmarn by storm. Following preliminary rounds held at the camp sites, the best karaoke star and live act are chosen at the finals held at the “Marktplatz” in Burg.

Beach Basketball Tournament - 8-10 August 2014

The beach basketball tournament once again marks the start of a popular sports event on “S├╝dstrand”. The competition is open not only to professionals, but also to keen sportsmen and women with at least some experience passing and throwing a basketball.

Medieval Market - 15 - 17 August 2014

"Bringing history to life" is the slogan for the vast medieval spectacle in Burg. It involves transforming the historical market place into a market from the Middle Ages complete with colourful bustle and all sorts of traditional handicraft.

Kitesurfing Trophy - 22 - 24 August 2014

Germany’s top kitesurfers gather on Fehmarn for an annual sporting highlight. For three days, they perform spectacular jumps on the water while racing across the waves at breath-taking speed.

Fehmarn Days of American Bikes - 29 - 31 August 2014

Harley Davidson motorbikes conquer the island – each year, riders from different regions in Europe and America gather on Fehmarn. Outings including up to 400 bikes are not unusual.