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Event Highlights January to May

Inaugural Sea Swim - January 2014

In a tradition stretching back over 20 years, the first Sunday of the year marks the first swim in the sea for the young people of Fehmarn. Afterwards, it’s hot drinks for everyone.

Island Carnival - 1 - 2 March 2014

“Fehmarn Helau” is the chant that echoes around the market place in Burg each year. The silly season traditionally opens on Carnival Saturday at 11 minutes past 8 in the evening when the keys to the town hall are presented to the new royal couple.

Easter and May Fire - April 2014

Guests and residents gather to enjoy grilled sausages and delicious beverages at the traditional Easter and May Fires in Bannesdorf, Westermarkelsdorf and Burgtiefe.

Burg Arts Festival - May 2014

Lovers of art and culture look forward to the traditional Burg Arts Festival, which is held in the spring and summer season. Next year’s event series is set to include concerts, theatrical performances, readings and lots more.

Rapeseed Blossom Festival - 30 May - 1 June 2014

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the “Rapsbl├╝tenfest” (rapeseed blossom festival) in Petersdorf. The three-day programme of festivities featuring plenty of live music, dance offers a thrilling spectacle for the entire island and its guests. The highlight is the crowning of the Rapeseed Queen, the Queen’s Ball and fireworks display as well as a colourful pageant..