Bring the Dog on Holidays
Beaches for Dogs and More

Your four-legged friends are welcome on the Island of Fehmarn.

Beaches for Dogs

From "Meeschendorfer Strand" car park, to the west, fine sand, facilities: Roofed beach chairs, car park "Meeschendorfer Strand"/WC/kiosk approx. 100 m

At the eastern end of "Meeschendorf Strand" in front of "Südstrand" camp site and "Staberdorf" holiday residence, fine sand, facilities: "Meeschendorfer Strand" car park/WC/kiosk approx. 600 m

"Grüner Brink"
To the east of the beach chair rental, fine sand, facilities: "Grüner Brink/Gammendorfer Strand" car park approx. 400 m, kiosk/WC approx. 300 m

To the north of the camp site, natural strand, facilities: Roofed beach chairs, "Bojendorfer Strand" car park/kiosk/WC approx. 200 m

At the supervised bathing beaches in "Meeschendorf", at "Grünen Brink" and in "Bojendorf", your four-legged friends are permitted in the area of the dog beaches only. All other beaches in Fehmarn are governed by the State Conservation Law § 32 (2), which states: "... dogs are not permitted on sections of strand frequented by bathers during the period from 1 April to 31 October, ...".

Conduct on Dog Beaches

All dogs must be kept on a leash on the dog beaches on Fehmarn. Please also keep your dog on a leash when walking on the dykes on which sheep are grazing.  Please use dog excrement bags and dispose of these in the waste bins provided. Please show consideration for other users of the beach.

Dogs in Accommodation:

When choosing your accommodation, make sure that domestic pets are welcome. You should also indicate the breed, size and number of dogs travelling with you when making your reservation. You should also allow for additional charges for your four-legged friend(s).
Your landlord will inform you of the details. In addition, always show consideration for other holidaymakers and neighbours.

Link to State Conservation Law § 32 ...