Discovering Fehmarn
A Paradise for Anglers

Fehmarn is an ideal location for angling - in any weather and in every season. Whether it's shore angling, angling from dinghies and fishing boats, spinner and fly fishing, there is plenty to choose from.

Angling on Fehmarn

The best fishing on Fehmarn is to be had from February to May and from September to December. The most popular baits are lures, spoon lures or live bait such as lugworm or ragworm.

At Fehmarn Sound, you can catch flatfish. Cod are also frequently landed here. The top fishing spots for sea trout are Westermarkelsdorf and the east coast. Those looking for garfish should head for Flügge, Marienleuchte and Presen.

The best strands for beach fishing are located in Westermarkelsdorf and on the northern and eastern coasts. On the north coast, Altenteil, Teichhof and Niobe are good hunting grounds for flatfish. Marienleuchte, Presen and Staberhuk on the eastern coast of the island are renowned as good cod fishing grounds. Spinners are the perfect choice on east coast and in Westermarkelsdorf and Flügge.
Fishing boats set off early in the morning for the most popular fishing areas of the Baltic Sea around Fehmarn. It's best to have a guide show you the fishing locations before you set off on your own. Boats are available to rent for anglers without a boat of their own.

Visitors to Fehmarn Island whose principle residence is not registered in Schleswig-Holstein and who do not possess a fishing permit may purchase a holiday permit valid for the coastal waters of Schleswig-Holstein.

Information and holiday fishing permits are available at the citizens advice office (Bürgerbüro):

Stadt Fehmarn – Bürgerbüro
Bahnhofstraße 5, 23769 Fehmarn OT Burg
Tel.: 04371 – 506641 or -642