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NABU Water-Bird Sanctuary Wallnau

wasservogelreservat wallnau_fehmarn
wasservogelreservat wallnau_fehmarn
Pure unadulterated wilderness: A nature trail full of surprises, billowing reed thickets set against the ever-present sound of the Baltic waves. Wallnau offers relaxation and fun for the entire family in an idyllic setting. The hides allow visitors to observe the birds at close range in their natural habitat. Avocets use their elegant curved beaks to filter the shallow water in search of food. Common snipe pick through the muddy shoreline for small animals and sometimes its possible to catch a glimpse of the oyster catchers' nursery. Lapwings fly gracefully over the wetlands, families of geese can be seen taking their young out walking, Garganey ducks peek out from the dense reeds. The best time to visit is during the period from mid-April and mid-May when the arriving migratory birds can be observed in their elegant plumage during mating season.

The extremely knowledgeable staff members are on hand to guide you through the reserve. The bistro serves up delicious organic food.

Wallnau, open all year
Tel. 04372-1002