Fehmarn Lighthouses
Navigation Beacons

Fehmarn has a total of 5 lighthouses. Of these, Flügge lighthouse is open to visitors and can be used for civil marriage ceremonies.

Flügge Lighthouse

In 1914/15, the new Flügge lighthouse was erected directly adjacent to the original lighthouse of 1872. At 37 metres high, it is the tallest lighthouse Fehmarn. Surrounded by the Krummsteert nature reserve, this lighthouse is in one of the island's most beautiful locations. As it is the only one of Fehmarn's lighthouses that is open to visitors, it's well worth making the effort to climb the 162 steps in order to enjoy the unique view from the top.

Flügge – from April to the end of October
Parking at the lighthouse is not permitted, allow approx. 2 km walk (closed Mondays from 1 April - 31 October)

Westermarkelsdorf Lighthouse

The lighthouse was constructed on the island's north-western edge, behind the dyke and serves as an orientation and warning beacon to shipping entering the Fehmarn Belt. Additional nautical and meteorological facilities are located beside it.

Staberhuk Lighthouse

Construction of the island's most recent lighthouse directly on the cliffs at Fehmarn's south-eastern tip commenced in 1903. The tower's most striking feature is its particularly stocky shape, which was designed to accommodate the cast-iron lantern from the former lighthouse on Heligoland rather than a conventional lantern. In 1908, the artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner travelled to Fehmarn, where he took up residence with the lighthouse keeper of Staberhuk.

Strukkamphuk Lighthouse

The navigation beacon at Strukkamp was built in 1872. Despite being the smallest of its type, it played an important role for shipping and continues to do so today.

Marienleuchte Lighthouse

Fehmarn's first lighthouse at the north-eastern corner of the island was christened "Marienleuchte" in honour of the Danish Queen Marie Sophie Frederikke. The Queen attended the official opening ceremony on 28 October, 1832. When a necessary increase in the height of the tower proved impossible due to its poor structural condition, a slimmer 33-metre-high reinforced concrete lighthouse was erected to the north of the old tower in 1964.
  • Aussicht vom Flügger Leuchtturm

    Blick auf den Flügger Strand
  • Aussicht vom Flügger Leuchtturm

    Blick auf den Krummsteert, eines von Fehmarns drei Naturschutzgebieten
  • Aussicht vom Flügger Leuchtturm

    Blick auf das Flügger Watt
  • Innenansicht Flügger Leuchtturm

    Die Innenansicht des Flügger Leuchtturms aus dem Eingangsbereich ist ein beliebtes Fotomotiv.