Water Sports on Fehmarn
SUP - Stand Up Paddling

A SUP board is the perfect platform from which to enjoy a relaxing view of the island from the water. While you are doing so, this whole-body workout will also help improve your fitness.
For SUP - Stand Up Paddling - there are numerous suitable spots all around Fehmarn that offer the most varied conditions and views. Almost all of the windsurfing & kite schools on Fehmarn offer SUP training and rental for those windless days. In July, the second SUP and Beach Sports Festival was held on the Westmole, with the 2013 event also featuring the German Slacklining Championships for the first time.

The ancient inhabitants of the Pacific islands used paddles to propel themselves on boards and to slip over the waves. Consequently, SUP is nothing other than a very early combination of the two traditional Polynesian disciplines of canoe paddling and surfing. In the 1960s, it was the "beach boys" on Hawaii, who used the large boards and paddles in order to keep a watchful eye on their surfing students. Always on the lookout for a new toy for the waves, Hawaiian watermen such as Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and Robby Naish decided a few years ago to unpack their paddles again. Since then, SUP boards have entered mass production.